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A North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation truck

A North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation truck

North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation began in 2008 as a simple recycling drop-off site located in a warehouse south of the railroad tracks in Jamestown, North Dakota. It serviced the Jamestown residents who were brave enough to endure the cold and determined enough to unload and sort their own collected recyclable material.

In April 2018, curbside collection was introduced to the community. Because this required a larger facility, the company purchased the former Coca-Cola plant located at 1016 10th St SE.  The building was redesigned and equipped with an MRF (Material Recovery Facility) to sort the recyclable material that was collected. Fully automated trucks that ensured driver safety and efficient collection were purchased, as well as a computerized digital tracking system to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Shortly after North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation moved into the new building, the community of Edgeley was added to their customer base. This community also needed their garbage collected, so the company expanded into waste collection as well. Soon after, the communities of Ellendale and Kulm sought service for both recycling and waste, and Streeter was added for garbage pick-up service in 2023.

At present, several surrounding communities are in the process of securing the services of North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation. The company welcomes these communities and will endeavor to serve them in the same capacity as they serve their present customers.

The latest service to be offered is the new roll-off service. Construction sites and other projects located outside the Jamestown city limits, that generate a large amount of waste material can take advantage of this recently added service.

North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation has expanded significantly since its beginnings at the warehouse south of the tracks. Seeing the newly painted building, the recently acquired bright blue roll-off dumpsters, and the continual activity of material being delivered and loaded, demonstrates how North Dakota Recycling and Sanitation is a vibrant, growing business, ready to meet the needs of Jamestown and the surrounding communities.

Learn more about what is recyclable at North Dakota Recycling & Sanitation.

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Sorted items at our recycling center

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