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Pick-Up Schedule

With exceptions for some holidays or weather events (see Schedule and Updates), pick up days are:

Recycling: Every other week

Garbage: Every week

Please note that there's an error in the 2024 printed calendar published by the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce for pick-up within Jamestown city limits. The week of April 1-5 was mistakenly printed as an A week for recycling pick-up. Next week, April 8-12, is the A week and continues every other week as usual. The calendar linked below is correct.

To find your schedule:

Step 1: Find Your Color

On the Jamestown City Map, find your your location and note its color and shade: Light or Dark Yellow, Blue or Purple, Light or Dark Green, Light or Dark Red.

Step 2: Find Your Schedule

On the Jamestown Pick-Up Calendar, find your schedule by your color on the City Map. Your color shade is your recycle pick-up week.

2024 Jamestown Calendar
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